Who We Are

The Center for Digital Games Research brings together UC Santa Barbara faculty from diverse fields to collaborate on the research and design of digital media, games, and game technologies.

Our faculty affiliates are leaders in the physical and biological sciences, computer and engineering sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and arts and humanities.

We investigate how people process game experiences and how to design more impactful and effective games. Our work explores the ways that digital media and games affect our lives today and how we can improve them and innovate with them in the future.

What's New

  • The Games People Play: UCSB's new Center for Digital Games Research takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study and design of digital media and games. 
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  • At the Center for Digital Games Research, our faculty affiliates' research leads to groundbreaking innovations. 
  • Check out our online searchable Health Games Database that provides information about health games and related publications, resources, organizations, and events.
  • 12 Rock Star Women of Digital Health. (Hint: One of them is right here at UC Santa Barbara.)

Sponsors and Partners

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • SAGE Publishing