Trip Hawkins

Founder, Electronic Arts, 3DO Company, Digital Chocolate, and
If You Can Company


Now an advisor to many successful entrepreneurs, Trip Hawkins founded and led Electronic Arts and played a key role in defining the PC industry as an early executive at Apple. He introduced many successful strategies and practices to the PC and game industries and was the creative force behind EA Sports. He also founded and led 3DO, Digital Chocolate, and If You Can Company, making several award-winning games and exceeding 200 million mobile app downloads. The first and only business executive named to the game industry Hall of Fame by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, Hawkins is also the only game industry person to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the IEEE.




Alan Miller

Co-founder, Activision, Accolade, and Click Health​;
CEO, Player Propensities


Alan Miller is a​n​ in​novative business, technical, and creative leader in interactive media. ​He has broad senior management experience monetizing, marketing, developing​,​ and distributing video games and educational software for online, mobile, PC, and console platforms​. Currently​, Miller is​ CEO​ of​ Player Propensities​, providing ​advanced machine learning services​, predictive systems, and big data analytics​ to improve financial results for game publishers and improve the interactive experience for consumers.

​Miller was co-founder and VP Product Development at Activision, the first independent video game publisher. ​He was also c​o-found​er​ ​and CEO at ​video game publisher Accolade​ and was co-founder and CEO ​at Click Health, publisher of​ highly effective​ ​health video games ​that improve​d​ children’s and adolescents’ prevention and selfcare behaviors. ​He ​has also served as ​​VP at​ SAP Precision Gaming​,​ where he led the creation and development of SAP’s real-time interaction management and predictive analytics services for online and mobile games.

​With a BS degree in electrical engineering and computer science, Miller began his career as an industrial and aerospace control systems engineer working at NASA. Yes, he was a rocket scientist.




Rita Moya

Board Chair, Direct Relief; Advisor and Investor, BioIQ


Rita Moya is Board Chair at Direct Relief, an organization that mobilizes and delivers medicine, supplies, and equipment to improve the health of vulnerable people affected by poverty or emergencies in the U.S. and 70 countries worldwide. Moya leverages technology, analytics, partnerships, and financial contributions to further the work of Direct Relief. She also serves as an Advisor and Investor at BioIQ, a consumer-friendly health screening and wellness company that delivers connectivity, data integration, and improved health outcomes while reducing the cost of care, and she serves as Principal Advisor at The M Fund, which is dedicated to social enterprise and enhancement of organizational effectiveness.



Shaun Tomson

World Surfing Champion; best-selling author; award-winning filmmaker; entrepreneur; inspirational speaker


Shaun Tomson, renouned World Surfing Champion and named one of the most influential surfers of the 20th century, is on a mission to empower teens to inspire each other through personal commitment and creativity, via social media platforms and games.  He developed the LifeCode program to help teens create a positive wave that will sweep across the earth as an antidote to negativity, apathy, and cynicism.  His book "The Code -- The Power of I Will" was #1 on Amazon and the LA Times voted his first book, "Surfer's Code," a favorite book of the year.  A motivational speaker, business consultant, and founder of several companies, Tomson gives talks to more than 50,000 students each year about the influence of attitude on making positive, life-changing decisions, and he presents keynotes to corporations around the world.  He sees that we all have great power to influence others through an authentically positive attitude.


Photo of Steve Cole


Steve Cole, PhD

Vice President of Research & Development, HopeLab; Professor of Medicine, UCLA


Steve Cole leads research and development at HopeLab, an organization dedicated to improving health and well-being through the use of highly engaging media and technologies.  At HopeLab, he played a key role in developing and evaluating the Re-Mission and Re-Mission 2 video games for cancer patients.  He also oversaw development and testing of Zamzee, a motivational system to promote physical activity, and HopeLab’s Resilience Technology agenda.  His scientific work at HopeLab focuses in particular on the neurobiological mechanisms of interactivity and serious games.  Cole is also a biomedical scientist who conducts research at UCLA on the social factors that influence gene expression in the immune system, viruses, and cancer cells.  His groundbreaking studies of genomic impacts of social conditions, such as loneliness and social isolation, poverty, and traumatic events, and genomic impacts of resilience factors, such as having purpose in life, have been covered widely in the media.   



Neil Izenberg, MD

Founder and Chief Executive, Nemours Center for Children’s Health Media, Nemours Children’s Health System; Professor of Pediatrics, Sidney Kimmel College of Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University


Neil Izenberg and his ​​team ​at Nemours ​develop health media for children, teens, and parents. Their award-winning is the most​ frequently ​visited web portal ​focusing on children's health and parenting, with about ​one​ million visits per day, and their KidsHealth in the Classroom provides an extensive collection of online health learning materials for teachers to use in pre-K through high school. ​Izenberg's team ​creates health media for families, including videos and animations, interactive health decision support tools, illustrated patient instructions, books, encyclopedias, board games, text-messaging teaching programs, and other consumer health information resources.​ ​Under ​Izenberg's leadership, the ​print​, ​video, and online​ media produced by ​his team have received wide recognition including four Webbys, the American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award, two Emmy nominations, numerous publishing prizes, and scores of national and international film awards.



Deborah Ann Mulligan, MD​ FAAP FACEP

Professor of Pediatrics, Nova Southeastern University; Director​, Institute for Child Health Policy; Chief Medical Affairs Officer, MDLIVE


Deborah Ann Mulligan ​is founder and ​d​irector of the Nova Southeastern University Institute for Child Health Policy​, ​a resource for health systems, policymakers, professional organizations, foundations​,​ and academic centers​. This award-winning institute​ ​supports community-based advocacy and research ​and advises about disruptive technologies and business models that accelerate transformation and constrain health expenditures.

Board certified in ​p​ediatrics and ​p​ediatric ​e​mergency ​m​edicine, ​a practicing physician, and author of more than 75 medical publications, ​Mulligan is ​also ​Chief Medical ​Affairs ​Officer ​at MDLIVE, the nation’s leading provider of telehealth software and services.​ ​​She directs clinical care ​at MDLIVE ​and ​is responsible for the supervision and expansion of MDLIVE’s physician network.​ ​Prior leadership positions in ​the ​health care, government​,​ and technology sectors include Pediatric Services Medical Director​ at North Broward Hospital District, Co-president and Chief Medical Officer at Latino health media company Sitio Saludable​, and ​Chair of the Executive Council on Communications and Media at the American Academy of Pediatrics. As a spokesperson for numerous medical associations, she has appeared widely in print and broadcast outlets such as Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, and CNN, and her many awards include the International Health & Medical Media FREDDIE Award​, ​March of Dimes Woman of Distinction​,​ National EMSC Heroes Award for Innovation​,​ Florida Medical Association Physician Communicator of the Year​,​ South Florida Outstanding Female Health Professional​,​ Florida State Surgeon General Injury Prevention Award​,​ and ​a​ ​Community Engagement Educator Award presented by First Lady Michelle Obama.​


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